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Lauta.fi – Wood for you

Lauta.fi – High quality solid wood products for indoor and outdoor surfaces

Lauta Oy is a Finnish family-owned and managed business, founded in 1948, specialized in high quality solid wood products for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Our product range contains over 500 products from decking material to interior panels, from sauna and wet room materials to decorative mouldings. Most products are produced in our own modern planing mill in Lempäälä, Finland. Surface finishing is available on request and accomplished using the industrial painting line, a part of our production facility.

We focus on the digital know-how and employ an internal development team to design and build internal and external digital applications. One example of this and a notable advantage of our website - lauta.fi is that it provides real-time information about free stock with available lengths, packaging sizes and estimated time of shipment.

Available wood species are Siberian larch, Nordic pine, Nordic spruce, western red-cedar, alder and aspen. We also offer thermo-treated products, for example thermo-treated radiata pine.

Wood being close to our heart and in the core of our business for more than 75 years, we only use the best raw materials available and source responsibly. Our PEFC-certification covers Nordic pine, Nordic spruce and western red-cedar. With CE-marking we assure that our products comply with EU rules and meet the high safety, health and environmental protection requirements set in the EEA market.

Current annual production capacity is 7000m3 and starting from 2024 it will grow to 22000m3.

Lauta Oy values long-term partnerships. Our partnership network covers over 300 retailers in Finland and we have experience in exporting our products to the European market.

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