Tuuli SaunaALDER 15 x 90 SH A4718
ALDER 15 x 90 SH A
ALDER 15 x 90 SH A
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2.50 m10.00 m
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10.00 m
Product ID4718
Product nameALDER 15 x 90 SH A
DeliveryWarehouse Product
Delivery datetomorrow when product in stock
TuoteperheTuuli Sauna
Vahvuus (mm)15
Leveys (mm)90
Paino (kg/myyntiyksikkö)0.743
Neliömenekki (m/m²)10.530

Lauta.fi delivers product sample pieces both consumer customers and professionals, such as architects, interior architects and designers, construction industry and procurement professionals.

If you are interested in ordering one or more sample pieces, please contact our sales department via email lauta@lauta.fi or phone +358 3 3123 6000.