ALDER 68x68 GLUELAM L=2400SW4725
ALDER 68x68 GLUELAM L=2400
ALDER 68x68 GLUELAM L=2400
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When using the product in the sauna, cracks are very easily created in it. When glued, the tree does not tolerate the extreme conditions of the sauna well, without it living and then cracks appear, especially at the ends of the pieces. When using a sauna, the temperature of the board surface shall not increase above 85°C, lest the resistance of the adhesive seam be compromised. The emergence of cracks can be reduced by paraffin oil or sauna wax treatment.

We do not recommend using products in public or daily heated saunas, since the adhesive seam cracks in these items easily.

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Product IDSW4725
Product nameALDER 68x68 GLUELAM L=2400
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Hiilikädenjälki (CO2e kg/jm)-3.180 delivers product sample pieces both consumer customers and professionals, such as architects, interior architects and designers, construction industry and procurement professionals.

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