Arctic OutdoorLARCH FLOORBOARD 28x120 HLL OK 18%4312

Made of twigly larch, which gives a similar look to the terrace board. Suitable for the floor of damp premises, covered decking or for the floor of recreational apartments, where heating is not year-round and there is no harm to slashing ponds. The product is stock dry and will shrink considerably (up to 3-4% width in direction) at normal indoor humidity level, therefore it is not suitable for such items.

The branches are both healthy, and dead, that is, dry. Cracks in branches, heartwood cracking and twigholes are typical of wood species, the best result is obtained when these points are putty and the surface is treated with varnish or wax after installation, so that dirt sticks to the wood itself and the floor is easy to clean.

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Product ID4312
Product nameLARCH FLOORBOARD 28x120 HLL OK 18%
DeliveryWarehouse Product
Delivery date4 days when product in stock
TuoteperheArctic Outdoor
PuulajiSiperian lehtikuusi
Vahvuus (mm)28
Leveys (mm)120
Paino (kg/myyntiyksikkö)1.966
Neliömenekki (m/m²)8.900
Hyötyleveys (mm)112.000
Hiilijalanjälki (CO2e kg/jm)0.140
Hiilikädenjälki (CO2e kg/jm)-2.550 delivers product sample pieces both consumer customers and professionals, such as architects, interior architects and designers, construction industry and procurement professionals.

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